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Victim Awareness

Leicester:        Victim Awareness Workshops, Action Against Violence On Our Streets    

                        Drama Workshop, Award Events  


London:           Carnival Arts Workshop, Drama Workshop, Victim Awareness Workshop, Family Fun Day, Award Event







Mission Statement

To promote urban and rural regeneration through challenging behaviours, changing Lives and to create a supporting platform using the arts & Sports to encourage and develop skills.


Core Values are to encourage others to:

·         Aspire

·         Nurture

·         Trust

·         Opportunities

·         Inspire

·         Nourish



Antoin Akpom Foundation is a charity set up to continue the legacy of Antoin Akpom, a football coach who started a community business (AAA Strike 4 Success) using arts and sports as a platform to help young people develop skills, enabling them to achieve their goals and aspirations. The Antoin Akpom Foundation is an innovative platform that will enable us to capture and nurture the creativity within individuals, which will allow us as a Foundation to enhance and direct their energies in a positive manner, thus developing self-esteem, self-awakening leading to self-empowerment enabling individuals to take a positive role within their society. As a means to achieve the main object to deter young people from engaging in street crime.


Aim – Providing activities that would help develop skills needed to empower young people. Identifying their needs, maximising their potential enabling them to have access to opportunities otherwise difficult to obtain. Acting as an alternative intervention program


The purpose is to act as a resource for (at risk groups of young people) by at risk we mean those primarily from socially and economically disadvantaged communities, (NEET) Not in Education, Employment or Training) and who are at risk of being exposed to street crime between the ages of 16yrs – 25yrs of age and services for children 11yrs – 15yrs. The workshops provided by the Foundation is tailored to meet the client’s requirements/needs, each having a different schedule. 

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