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Making Dreams Come True

Antoin Akpom was the founder of 'Strive 4 Success' which was later changed to Antoin Akpom Achievements Foundation after he died. His plan was to help as many young people as he could using sports and dance as  platform. He started a breakfast fitness classes called BREAKFAST BOUNCE  and after school club at Sparkenhoe School, Leicester. This was branched out  to other local schools. He also coached under 11's in football at Nirvana Football Club, played football himself for both Nirvana and High Field Rangers Football Clubs. Antoin was an inspiration to hundreds of people inside and outside of his community. May his legacy live on.


RIP Antoin Akpom. 

Antoin Akpom

Turning a Vision into Reality

Cheryl Armatrading is the mother of Antoin Akpom and has continued his legacy by becoming the Managing Director of Antoin Akpom Achievements Foundation. Cheryl has been known for her spectacular fundraisers in the past raising thousands of pounds for the company. On of Cheryl's quotes were 'I am doing this not only for my son's legacy but for the youths he inspired'.  

Cheryl Armatrading
Managing Director
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