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MARCH 2021-An overview

During March 2021, AAA Foundation hosted a wide range of workshops, wellbeing sessions and community conversations for the community covering various topics! It has been a busy month!

To celebrate Women’s History Month in March, we hosted a range of women community conversations named in collaboration with Women4Change. This series was entitled “Women of Power” and were hosted weekly. A range of topics were discussed from external influences affecting your family, to dare to dream to tips on starting a business on a budget. During these sessions, we were also joined by inspiring guest speakers such as Councillor Sue Hunter, Sandra Pollock OBE, and Alysia Sealy. Overall, these sessions helped to inspire and empower women in the community and helped network with others and helped to build their confidence.

In addition to hosting the women’s community conversations, we had three community conversations about the County Lines. One was specifically dedicated to professionals such as police and councillors in surrounding areas. They were involved in this debate and gave solutions to tackle this situation. The other conversations were open to the general public and community. As a result, these discussions are helping to raise awareness about this problem. AAA Foundation have even created a County Line Awareness guide that is available to order. The booklet includes tips on behaviours and traits in the county lines, how young people are recruited, common slang words used and their meanings. This is helping to spread more awareness about this problem and help families keep their children safe. This booklet is still available to order! Email to order yours now!

As part of our wellbeing program this month, the charity put on a series of workshops and community conversations. Supporting children, young people and Youth Leaders. For Community Youth Workers & Leaders - Welcome to the weekend wellbeing sessions”. These sessions helped to create bridges to positive mental health and well-being, sharing tips on how to cope in stressful situations.

Children from Sacred Heart School – Expressing emotions, rhyming words subject matter Covid19 and Coming out of lockdown. Giving a platform to express emotions and feelings. Facilitated by “Rap therapy CIC”.

This Easter we presented 170 Easter Eggs to the Sacred Heart School. We also delivered an Art Therapy session created for children up to the ages of 12yrs old. The session also creating an opportunity to express in various ways enabling them to act upon their strengths.

Moving on from all our workshops and sessions we hosted over March, our volunteers have also been very busy helping AAA Foundation cater personalised workshops. The volunteers also took part in writing up reports, researching about county lines and crime rates and other relevant topics. This will help us shape new projects and workshops for the near future.

We hope you will be able to join us in April for another great month of workshops and sessions!

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