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FIRST BLOG-AAA Foundation: An overview




The charity started off as a business called AAA Strike 4 Success which was ran by Antoin Akpom. This business used sports and dance to develop skills for young people. He also ran a breakfast club called “Breakfast Bounce” and an after-school club for young people to attend. His mother Cheryl continued running his business and in 2017, the business changed to a registered charity called “Antoin Akpom Achievements” continuing his great legacy. We have recently updated our logo to promote the new direction we want to take out brand.

AAA Foundation is used as a platform to help young people develop skills and enabling them to achieve their goals and aspirations. The main objective of this foundation is to deter young people from engaging in street crime. Thus, the platform is used to make young people confident and empower young people with skills that they would have had difficulties in obtaining.

Core Values: Aspire, Nurture, Trust, Opportunities, Inspire, Nourish

Mission Statement: To promote urban and rural regeneration through challenging behaviours, changing lives and to create a supporting platform using the arts & sports to encourage and develop skills.


Cheryl Armatrading- Mother of Antoin Akpom

Cheryl has experience in running community projects on behalf of organisations since January 2000. These projects include selling services, applying for grants, managing budget up to £100,000 as well as managing staff. She also schedules the workshops for the charity and creates the lesson plans and modules.

Cheryl is a highly qualified woman with many key skills which is bought to the charity. Some of her key skills include management and leadership skills, interpersonal and communication skills. She is also fully qualified in health and safety and risk assessment.



AAAFoundation offers many services to help achieve their mission statement and aims. Their services include workshops relating to many different topics; projects; events such as award events and fundraising event; community discussions.


Main objectives of these workshops are to deter young people from engaging in street crime and by empowering young people with a range of key skills.

Non-Qualified Vocational Skills workshops are delivered as an alternative for those who may not be academically inclined; creating a platform into the employment industry. These include:

  • Coding Workshops: This workshop teaches young people (aged between 12-25-year olds) how to use Python and as a way of gaining new skills. An alternative workshop is available for younger children aged between 5-11 years who learn how to use scratch coding as an introduction to real coding- this gives them an indication of how coding is used daily. Many benefits are received from the workshops for example they will demonstrate innovative skills which are used by professionals in the IT field.

  • Drama Workshops: Enables young people to use this workshop as a platform to share their creative artforms whilst develop new skills. Consequently, it results in many opportunities for these young people as well as an opportunity to gain their confidence.

  • Employability skills: This workshop offers bespoke training programmes tailored to individual capabilities and preferred industries. Many benefits are reaped from these workshops as young people can gain access to employment opportunities, skills, and development.

Community Discussions: These discussions review current affairs that may affect organisations, clients, or participants. The discussion varies depending on subject. In the past these community discussions are focused on the well-being of young people, staff, and volunteers as well as coping with change and the impact on the community. More recently, there have been discussion surrounding the topic of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Events:AAA Foundation hosts many events for example annual award events.

These award events focus on the

recognition of works carried out by

members of the community. As a result, nominee forms are sent out and members of the community get involved by nominating people who have done work in the community. These events are a great way of praising the people that are making a change in the community and helping AAA Foundation to achieve their aims.

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