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In Memory of Antoin Akpom

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

7yr Anniversary- Celebrating the life of Antoin Uchechukwu Akpom 

Antoin was born on the 9th February 1993 at Edgeware Hospital in London. He grew up in London and attended primary school in Croydon until the age of 9 years, when he moved to Leicester. 

When Antoin moved to Leicester he attended Caldecote Primary School, and then later went to Lancaster Boys School, Hamilton College and Loughborough College. Antoin started football at the age of 9 years old and thus he joined his first football club at Caldecotte. His interest in football grew and resulted in him playing for Highfield Rangers and the Nirvana Football clubs. 

He started his career in football and became a football coach for under 11s at Nirvana football club and taught at Whitehall and Sparkenhoe Schools. He later became the founder of “Strive4Success”, where his plan was to help as many young people as he could using dance and sports as a platform. Sadly, in 2013, he was tragically murdered in Leicester. Antoin was an inspiration to many and touched many lives and his legacy still lives on today. 

Tribute to Antoin Uchechukwu Akpom

The charity was set up in his memory and to continue his great legacy. The foundation provides a platform for children and young people to aspire and achieve their goals. The slogan for this foundation is “Challenging behaviours, Changing Lives “. This foundation provides many services for young people to help deter them from getting involved with crime. Such services include development workshops, art workshops, victim awareness programs and yearly award events. All these service help to achieve the main aim of AAAFoundation which was to empower as many young people as possible. Antoin’s legacy still lives on today as it did all those years ago, and we hope many other people can help us to continue his great legacy. 

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