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AAAFoundation and COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, AAAFoundation has had to adapt, like many other organisations, to online resources to enable us to reach out to young people and those in need despite the ongoing circumstances.

How has AAA Foundation reacted to the pandemic?

We have changed most of our workshops and events to online virtual workshops. This is to enable that young people still had access to the services we provide during this lockdown and offer our services safely. As well as adapting to online workshops and events, we have had to think about alternative ways of fundraising. In-person fundraising was of course not an option during this time, consequently, we made the choice to join the lottery. A lottery ticket costs £1, and every time a ticket was purchased 50p would be given to AAA Foundation as a donation. This way through people purchasing tickets online, AAA Foundation receives a donation from each ticket purchased, and the people who purchased has the chance to win  

amazing prizes! This means that both parties benefit through this way of fundraising.

To support our lottery visit achievements-foundation

Another way we have tailored our services we offer to carry on supporting people, we have added new workshops such as the workshop “Coping with COVID”. This workshop is designed to give tips to people on how to stay safe during this crisis. Another event that was designed specifically for COVID was a  “discussion group for under 25s”, this discussion forum aimed to discuss the effects of national lockdown and coronavirus in general. As well as this, an isolation workbook was created so people could have access to it and help them cope through the crisis. 

Typically, AAA Foundation hosts an annual awards ceremony, however, this year we have made the decision to hosts the awards events online. In order to make the awards ceremony as fun as possible, we are encouraging people to dress up at home and enjoy themselves at home as if they were actually at the awards ceremony! This is to make the most out of this experience and make it a memorable awards event!

Register your interest for a ticket today by clicking here. Time, cost and Zoom details coming soon

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