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AAA Foundation Award Ceremony Blog

AAA Foundation holds an annual award ceremony in recognition of work carried out by members of the community. The public put forward people/nominees who they feel like their work should be recognised at the awards.  

The award ceremony has many categories in which nominees are placed under, and the age ranges for the awards ranges from 8-25 years old for all categories, besides from the Life-Long community contribution  award and the new COVID Hero award category.  

The award categories are: 

Future Star –This award is about aspiring to a goal, exceeding overcoming challenges Community Contribution –This award is about making a difference in your community and having an  impact that affects the lives of others in a positive way 

Young Enterprise –This award is about entrepreneur  

skills, overcoming the obstacles and aiming towards  

your goals.  

Sports - This award is about using sports as a path to  

aspire, overcoming hurdles, commitment, and team  


Football - This award Is about using football as a path to  

aspire, overcoming hurdles, commitment, and team  


Performing Arts - This award is about developing the art  

of expression. Using performing arts as a platform for  

development and growth and overcome challenges  

Education - This award Is about exceeding goals aspiring  

using an educational platform for progression despite all  


Life-Long Community Contribution - Nominees are  

35yrs and over. This award is about making a difference in your Community, commitment, dedication,  influencing change in a positive way.  

COVID Hero – Nominees can be either an individual or a group of people who have gone above and  beyond to help the community in this pandemic. 



Marian Adejokun is 27 years old and has just finished her MA in Early Years education at UCL Institute of  Education. She also has a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies.  

Back in 2011, Marian suffered from a one in a million rare deadly allergy, called Steven Johnson Syndrome,  which causes a reaction to eye drops which caused her whole skin to peel off from head to toe. Due to 

this, she ended up in a coma for a month. Despite all the odds, Marian pulled through making it to university to complete her degree. Marian did tremendously well, coming out of coma and going straight to university, despite the odds, she believed in herself 100% and nothing stopped her from achieving her goals. Marian hosted many youth events over the years at various schools and universities. She has also done interviews and conferences on TV, radio, and many magazines in the United Kingdom and America. Due  to this, she had a massive impact on the lives of young people and preached not to give up in life no matter what. Marian has also been interviewed on BBC NEWS and ITV NEWS, and has also spoken amongst the Martin Luther King Jr family  during the Atlanta Global Humanitarian Summit back in March 2016. She is also a published author of two  books titled “My Life Is Not My Own” and “ReachOut2All”.  

Marian has won numerous awards. Some awards include: The Batons Awards (Against the odds)2018,  Featured in Natwest#WISE100 2018, Inspirational Woman’s Award 'Passion' 2017, B.Y.A Awards 2016  (Black Youth Awards), University of Roehampton Awards 2013 and she has also been featured in UCL  News. 

Duane Flames Christie – NOMINATED FOR COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION- Black Business

Duane is an accomplished artist, son of Martin Christie, who is a member of “The Investigators”. From his touring journey as a musician he produced the concept of London’s King Rum. His next venture is having his brand in major stores nationally.

London’s Kings Rum – with a smooth blend of Black Cherry. This beautifully mixed rum is deliciously sweet and lightly spiced. Crafted by musicians who have toured

through London’s finest night spots.


Tia is always trying to break boundaries and do something new - she is a Miss England finalist 2019 with  her sister Sapphire. She also participates in fundraising in her community  

such as doing her own bake sales, Zumba classes and acrylic nails which she  taught herself to do and created a business  out of.

Tia also studies mechanical and electrical engineering at college, with the aspiration to become a hugely successful female engineer. Tia prides herself on being different and is always looking to go  

the extra mile in whatever projects she takes on. 

Nominees are live NOW click here to nominate someone

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