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2020 AAA Foundation Highlights

2020 has been a challenging but busy year for the foundation. We hosted a number of workshops

and events, keeping the community engaged during these difficult times. Due to lockdown, we

made the choice to move the workshops online for everyone’s safety. Despite this, we had a great

turnout. We delivered 11 community conversation sessions, conducted 4 outreach surveys, 5

workshops running from March to October 2020. We also joined the lottery this year as an

alternative way of fundraising!

We appreciate that it has been difficult for all of us and would like to send our love to everyone,

especially those who lost loved ones over the year. The head of the charity sadly lost her mother in

February so understands and empathises. During this festive seasonal break, take time out to

reflect and appreciate the good around us, congratulate ourselves for overcoming past challenges.

New paths have opened up to us as our lives evolves shaping into the unknown of the new norm.

Our pledge to you, our supporters, is to continue providing services that will empower others and

create platforms to help our young people grow and aspire to their dreams of the future.

Here are some of the highlights from this year!

Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2020 during these difficult times. We wish everyone a Happy Festive Season from the Management and volunteers’ team of Antoin Akpom Achievements Foundation and we hope next year will be another amazing year for AAAFoundation!

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