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Antoin Akpom Foundation Limited skills development arts projects offers an exciting stimulating and vibrant concept in addressing training and empowerment needs of its members and organisations that work with us to deliver effective vocational training along with job readiness skills resulting in a high number of its learner’s accomplishing and retaining meaningful employment. 


Regenerating The Employment Market by setting a platform of development for Learning & skills, which aims to move more people into better jobs

Economic inclusion, which aims to overcome the barriers or market failures, that

prevent people from participating fully in the regional and local economy


To increase employment and social cohesion and inclusion, both in general and amongst specific communities and groups under the following

action areas:


Improving employability and skills of the unemployed and economically inactive

people (including supporting them, where appropriate, to become self-employed)

to enable them to gain, retain and progress in work.


The service delivery is committed to meeting learner’s needs and promoting their independence, to comply with legal requirements and mandatory and national standards and regulations. 


Mission Statement

To create and enhance self-development by breaking down barriers using workshops as a vehicle tool to further self-empowerment




Challenging Behaviours Changing Lives




By creating a platform that will enable us to capture and nurture the creativity within the individual which will allow us to enhance and direct their energies in a positive manner developing self-esteem, self-awakening leading to self-empowerment enabling he/she to take a positive role within their society. 

The workshops will run depending on the client’s requirements or needs, each having a different schedule. 


Aims & Objectives


Create avenues of developing a variety of life key transferable skills

Encourage self-esteem/self reliance and motivation

Encourage a sense of pride and value of achievement

Enable empowerment

To set a platform using the arts to encourage new skills development to encourage employment opportunities


Workshops we offer:



Creative Arts

Victim  Awareness

Employability Skills







Action Against Violence on Our Streets

Enough is Enough (MAPPA)





Antoin Akpom Foundation Award Event- 2nd July 2016 

Antoin Akpom Foundation Event- 4th November 2016

Antoin Akpom Foundation Family Fun Day Festivals- 20th Aug 2016

A Fool's Paradise - The Musical tbc

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