Meet Jasmine, Our brand ambassador

A dynamic cross-cultured woman; adopted by British parents from Nepal, brought up and lived in 5 countries. She is passionate about the ever-changing world of media, fashion, art, music, and public relations.  

Qualified with a BA in Media and Communications from Webster University in Geneva, she lived with her parents for high school and university. Since graduation, Jasmine worked in the media and communications industry for ten years and built her experience, working in communications and public relations, with large companies, start-ups and NGOs. Strong entrepreneurial skills, a large network of professional contacts in the arts and media world; and worked as a creative director for several new start-ups. jasmine has written website content, Kickstarter projects, buyer presentations, press releases and organised pre-press launches and events, London Fashion Week to name a few.

During her undergraduate studies in Geneva jasmine took several internships within UN organisations and NGO’s (UNFPA[1], YWCA[2], WCC[3], HIV/AIDS Alliance[4]) in the UK, Geneva, New York and Mexico City; working on their media teams as a photographer and journalist. She attended UN press briefings and crafted daily reports from Geneva to the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Population Fund in New York on critical and current issues, such as: gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and HIV and advocacy on the rights of vulnerable and minority groups. 

Through her international upbringing, and exposure to the inequities and challenges faced by people of colour, ethnic minorities, women, gay, lesbian and transsexual people, her passion for equality and rights developed. Today therefore in her work in the arts, fashion and communications jasmine is dedicated to making a difference for those who are on the margins of our society and uses her influence and platform to provide the opportunities for others to speak out about the injustices they face. It is not about being the ‘voice of the voiceless’- but rather about creating the opportunities for the excluded and marginalized to voice their own concerns in the corridors of power.

"I have chosen Antoin Akpom Acheievments Foundation as I joined the meetings during the pandemic and really enjoyed the meetings and the dynamics of the team . I really feel passionate about the work and change they want to make . I think that through my platform as a model and signer with my media experience I can inject a different perspective. I think that I can work with helping the youths of today ". 

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